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Create beautiful websites

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  • Customise every pixel
  • Create a website quickly & easily
  • Unlimited web pages
  • Drag & drop design
  • Fully hosted website builder
  • Designers, businesses & home users

SiteDesigner is a fully hosted website builder allowing you to create, manage and host your website, all from the same package.

Create a website quickly and easily without any coding skills. Choose from hundreds of ready to use templates, and then make them your own. Every element can be customised to your requirements with the easy to use interface.

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Best Price
Perfect if you need to build a simple website quickly & easily
SiteDesigner Pro
Created for designers & businesses who want professional features
Price per month £5.99 £9.99
Number of pages 10 Unlimited
Standard templates 20 20
Premium templates No 200+
Hosting features
Webspace 2GB 5GB
Data limit Unlimited Unlimited
Emails 5 100
Apps & content
Images Yes Yes
Photo gallery Yes Yes
Twitter Yes Yes
Facebook Yes Yes
RSS feeds Yes Yes
Add video Yes Yes
Embed 3rd party content Yes Yes
Forms No Yes
Google Maps No Yes
SEO tools No Yes
Google Analytics No Yes
Shopping cart No Yes
Google checkout No Yes
PayPal No Yes
Google Adwords Voucher No Yes
Edit HTML/ CSS No Yes
Order Now Order Now
  • Point, click, drag and drop

    Point, click, drag and drop

    Create a website using the simple drag and drop interface. Put your text, pictures, maps, video (and anything else you can think of) anywhere on the page. Change a page’s dimensions or delete something that you aren’t happy with in just a few clicks.

  • Direct HTML editing (Pro version)

    Direct HTML editing (Pro version)

    Use the drag and drop interface to edit your website or hand code the HTML yourself. SiteDesigner has been designed to be as advanced as you need it to be.

  • Make your website interactive

    Make your website interactive

    Choose from a wide range of widgets to add to your website, including Google Maps, Google Checkout, Twitter and Facebook. Just pick the widgets you want and then drag and drop to activate.

  • No Flash

    No Flash

    SiteDesigner websites are built using HTML & CSS, and we don’t use Flash. This means that all websites built using SiteDesigner work on every device, including mobile phones.

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